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Dutchman Drains & Plumbing is a local, family, and veteran-owned business providing expert services for sewers in Chowchilla and the Merced & Southern Stanislaus Counties. We have more than 20 years of industry experience. Whether you have a clog, tree roots growing into the sewer line or another problem, we offer a prompt response and work quickly to clear the line and restore your sewer system.

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Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Sewers in Merced help homes and businesses maintain sanitary conditions. The main sewer line runs from your house to the street where it empties into the municipal sewer system. When something goes wrong with the sewer line, you could end up with sewage backing up into the house. The underground sewer pipe can become blocked or damaged in a number of ways.

The main causes of damage to sewer lines include:

  • Tree roots – The roots of trees move through the ground in search of water. If there are small cracks in the sewer line, the roots may grow into the line, which can clog and damage the pipe.
  • Obstructions and blockages – Clogs can happen anywhere in the drain system, from just inside one drain to the main sewer line. This can include solid obstructions and soft clogs, such as grease or oil.
  • Ground shifting – The ground shifting can separate pipe sections or cause damage to the pipe.
  • Normal wear and tear – As pipes age, they can corrode and degrade. Eventually, this can cause the sewer line to fail.

Since the sewer line runs under the ground, you may not notice a problem right away. Signs of a clog or damaged main sewer pipe include multiple slow or clogged drains in the house, a bad odor, wet spots on the grass above the sewer line, and sewage backing up inside the house. If you notice any indication of a problem, don’t wait to call for repairs.

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Over 20 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience, we will take the hassle out of plumbing issues and get you up and running again! We deliver professional, friendly, and courteous service.

Veteran Owned & Family Operated

For years, our team has been serving Merced, Stanislaus Counties and the Chowchilla area of the Central San Joaquin Valley for all your commercial and residential plumbing needs.

Flexible Financing Options

We understand the importance of prompt plumbing solutions, which is why we offer flexible financing options to fit your budget, ensuring you don't delay necessary services due to financial concerns.


Restoring Your Sewer Line

Solving a sewer line problem requires the right tools for diagnosis and repair. A quality repair starts with accurately locating the source, cause, and scope of the damage. Our plumbers have the best quality tools and equipment to conduct a sewer line inspection to pinpoint the problem and make recommendations about how to restore the pipe.

The work that is needed will depend on the specific problem and the amount of damage. A clog in the line or tree roots can often be cleared with hydrojetting, which uses pressurized water to blast through clogs. Other types of damage may require sewer line repair techniques. Your plumber can inspect the lie and discuss repair options with you.

Call the Sewer Sergeant

When local homeowners need help with sewers in Merced, they know they can count on the Sewer Sergeant for swift and accurate repairs. The Sewer Sergeant has never met a line he can’t clean or repair. His tools are many, his determination unsurpassed and his promise to operate with the honor and loyalty his duty requires are a given.

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